Elves are tall, often willowy, fair-skinned and fair-haired folk. Swift and quick-witted, they often have a gift for song and other creative pursuits, and a deep appreciation for beauty in its many forms. They have extremely long lifespans and often an innate talent for magic as well.

Elves typically live in forests and woodland areas and enjoy a strong relationship with nature. Animals often treat them with deference, respect, and love, making it easy for elves to train them or ride them. They fight fiercely against goblins and orcs, who raid elven homes and try to capture elven forests for their own use.

Elves are often renowned for their skill at archery; in melee combat they tend to favor swords (particularly longswords and rapiers) and spears. They tend to shy away from complex mechanical weapons, and generally eschew the use of gunpowder-based arms.

Elves who prefer other paths in life often become wizards — because they have innately magical natures, wizardry comes easily to them.

Many other races seem to regard elves as “flighty,” since they often care little for current events or “emergencies.” This shows the perspective of a race whose members live for a thousand years or more; to elves, even the longest-lived of other races are young, and what seem like tremendous difficulties to others pass away after a few short decades.


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