Kingdom of Drelalind

Geography and Culture

The Kingdom of Drelalind spans most of the Northern portion of the continent. The climate is primarily temperate, and the culture is typical of most western fantasy worlds- loosely based on medieval Europe, but with the typical “Tolkienesque” fantasy elements.

The capital of Drelalind is the City of Galantri, and is home to 6 other human cities. Grynidd, Soleria, Balisdan, Thrax, and the “Twin Cities” of Felonia and Freedonia.

There is only one known elven city in Drelalind- Elthanor located somewhere in the Great Western Wood

Much of the kingdom’s East and southern borders are mountainous regions, and it is believed that the dwarves maintain many strongholds there, but their location is not commonly known.

Across the mountains to the south is the Kingdom of Adassi. To the east, over the mountains lies the Kingdom of Asoma. Due to the distances and terrain involved, there is not a lot of contact between Drelalind and Asoma.


Recent History

The “3 Kings War” ended around 50 years ago. There is still some tension between the kingdoms, but for the most part, common folk don’t worry about it anymore. Things have been pretty peaceful since then. The current ruler, His Royal Majesty Jerohatha Chardris, (first of his name) has ruled for the last 27 years.

The last large war prior to the 3 Kings War was the “40 years war”. While it ended 500 years ago, it is said that it is still customary to eat the remains of your enemies in some parts of the south.

Ancient History

Not a great deal is known about ancient history. Much before the 40 years war was lost. The mages college has tried for years to learn more about the old times, with very little success. Their work is motivated by more than just academic curiosity however- it is said that in ancient times, magic was more powerful than it is today, and that mages, not warriors, were the rulers of the kingdoms of the world.


The capital city, Galantri is where the king of the Drelalind has his throne. Succession in Drelalind is not by bloodline, but by a more unique method. An ancient artifact, the “Gem of Empire” is used to select a new king when the old one passes. The noble houses all meet in secret and the Gem chooses the next king from among all the people in the kingdom. Thus far, it has always chosen someone of noble descent with influence among the houses. While some say this is evidence that the houses themselves are choosing the king, others suggest that a successful king must have influence over the houses, so the gem is merely choosing the most appropriate candidate.


There are some who say it is not the king that rules Galantri, it is the guilds. It seems there is a trade guild, merchant’s guild or other guild for just about everything, each with their own influences, politics, struggles and strengths.

One of these- the guild of thieves, is known simply as “The Guild”. Run much like a mafia family, The Guild is more than a collection of petty thieves- anything that goes on in the city that could run afoul of the law goes through them. Extortion, “protection”, racketeering, and yes, thievery is their claim to fame.

There’s also another well known guild that you may run into – The Slayer’s Brotherhood. It’s essentially an adventurer’s guild. Not just fighters or bodyguards however- the Slayer’s Brotherhood is made up of anyone that wants to plop down the coin for membership and take on tasks available from the guild hall.

There are literally hundreds of other guilds- there’s even a Beggars Guild, whose members enjoy preferential choice when selecting which corner to beg on.

Mages College

In addition to being the royal seat of power in Drelalind, Galantri is also home to the mysterious mages college. Mages are a rare sight most places, but they do have a presence in Galantri. Their great college with its white tower stands near the Northern side of the city.


If you can imagine it, odds are that someone in Drelalind worships it. There are many churches and religious groups, ranging from large organized well-known formal religions, to to all sorts of odd cults and groups. Each has their own rituals and rites, beliefs and dogma- Some of the more well known churches are The followers of Kiptrix, Prince of Blades, Mog, Queen of Spiders, Children of The All-Father, etc.

Kingdom of Drelalind

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