Legacy of Swords

Bracken thoughts

The Second Sword

Currently we are set to relax in our new abode….one Castle Thrax. Yes, the very same one which we forced that sickly Necromancer to abscond from. That first mission seems so long ago now, as if we aged a decade over the past year.

Still it isn’t the memories of that perilous quest which keeps me up this night. It is, like the last few nights, the dreaded news I came home to when I got back from retrieving the second sword. After all the abominations we felled. The monsters who previously called this place home, the haughty nobles and the frog men in the sewers of the capital, the undead plaguing the foreign snow lands. After surviving so much; finding out that my sister’s city was sacked by that same monster Kormat. If only I had known, I would have finished him off in his fallen obsidian tower. I could have saved her…

Now It is almost easier to wish that she is dead….and not alive and fed upon or tortured or….or worse….mutated or re-risen. My colleagues try to cheer me up but still I find myself stuck in brooding. Even the scaly little bastard Shiny monger has been good for temporarily distracting me away from my problems. Other than that i guess the Training with my new weapon is the only release from my thoughts available. Soon I shall perhaps come to master it. What will I do then? Drink…heavily I suppose.

There is a hope now, she comes in the form of a long lost inquisitor. Aged to beauty, knowledgeable and skilled in such now ancient arts. Together we will birth an order designed specifically to fell that abomination Kormat and his kind. We will march an army of Crusaders upon his door step. I have talked much with Pepper on her order. I believe this can be done. Besides that…. She is truly fascinating,….and like me….now without any family…I find her to be most comforting to talk to.

The only good dreams I’ve had of late are the ones where Kormat lays screaming under my boot heel. His eyes flush with fear as he sees every incantation broken harmlessly upon my body. This is only if my sister is truly dead…should her fate be worse….not even Kormat would wish the horrors I will commit upon him.

Once this goblet is done, i shall try for sleep once more. Maybe Ill have the boot dream again. Then soon the hunt for the swords….If I am to gain enough power and wealth to build Thrax into something to rival Galantri and to completely crush the hordes under Kormat so that I can gain my revenge. I will seemingly need to set the world on a path on which I fear the only end is destruction.



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