Legacy of Swords

Fights in the muck

The party eventually decided that there was nothing that could be done about the sword at this point, and after a little more investigation the group decided to explore the rest of the underground area. They forded back across the water to the tunnels and began exploring. After quite a bit of walking and a couple of turns, the group was surprised by a small group of the froglike beings that they had pursued down here. A battle ensued, and the party took only minor damage from the strange creatures. At one point during the fight, Shinymonger held out the sword (despite being able to barely lift it) and it animated, quickly beheading one of the creatures (and dislocating Shiny’s shoulder in the process). Shiny was then able to sheath the now-inanimate sword.

A bit further on, the tunnel floors were covered in mud, and the group diligently waded through. After a long slog and a few more intersections, the group came upon a sealed door. The door was marked in a strange language, but bore no hinges or visible lock. It was sealed up with some kind of old tarry black mortar around the edges. The professor managed to translate the general meaning of the writing- it was some kind of tomb for royalty or ancient leader of some sort.Camille used her flame on the tarry substance and after a short while, the large stone slab of the door fell outward, revealing the room within.

The room inside was cold and clammy, and the smell of rot that was present everywhere else in the underground area was not present, suggesting the room had been well sealed. Instead the faint smell of herbs and chemicals seemed to drift on the breeze that blew outward as the door was unsealed. Opposite the doorway on the far side of the room a raised platform held a stone sarcophagus, and 4 chests were around it, in alcoves on either side of the room.
As the party began to investigate the chests, Borgen immediately went to the sarcophagus and held the lid down with his immense strength. Unsurprisingly, when the chests were disturbed, some manner of creature began trying to claw its way out of the sarcophagus. A brief fight ensued, but the party prevailed, leaving ample opportunity to examine the contents of the chests.
In the chests were:
• a strange porcelain mask with a distorted face
• A bronze dragon’s head with a red crystal orb set in its mouth.
• A bronze funeral urn filled with ashes
• A staff made of dark wood with a grip wrapped in fine steel mesh around some kind of bone rings. What looks to be a large fang is mounted in an iron bracket in the top. The staff gives off a vague sense of foreboding.

The professor carefully examined the staff and urn, whereupon it was discovered that the urn had the ability to summon some kind of wraithlike creature, and the staff (fortunately) seemed to give the ability to command it. The staff also seemed to have some kind of offensive capabilities, able to shoot bolts of some strange green energy.

The group returned the way they had come, then ventured further into the dark tunnels, eventually seeing a dim light ahead. They arrived in a wide room with a pedestal set on one end, with the large diamond atop it. A strange sickly light emanated from the diamond, shining upon the contents of several small cells with steel bars. In the cells were a few more of the strange clawed, gilled creatures in various states of transformation. It was clear that these were once people, likely drug down here from the streets above and slowly changed into the strange creatures over time.
More of the strange creatures revealed themselves, attacking the party, clearly trying to defend the diamond, but the party prevailed.
Shinymonger once again latched onto the large diamond, and again began suffering a debilitating wet cough every few moments. Borgen was able to force it from him, and covered it up in a cloth.
Their objective obtained, the party began the long trek back to the surface.



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